Four Square Fitness and Life Coaching


What do we love most about our job?

Life coaching provides the opportunity to help people who want to move forward in their lives. We don't just spend time talking about their problems, but rather we give them practical, proven, proactive result-driven ways to achieve their goals.


What inspired us to start our business?

Creating the solutions we wish we had in our lives sooner than later. We like to contribute in a positive way to the community and society as a whole. Hoping to give the young and old every opportunity to achieve their goals in life to minimize regret.


Why should clients choose our company?

We are authentic and genuine and we help our clients to make life decisions with reason and pure intentions. We are humans too and life happens. All of our coaches are over 40 years of age. Therefore, we have experience and training on how to move forward in life. We are not teaching theory, we are teaching experience and proven steps and principles that will change your life. We are Confident if you follow our guidance you will be a better you. We are strong listeners. No preconceived ideas about our clients. We make assessments based on the information given to us by our client. We base our strategy, for reaching our client's goals, on information received from listening to our clients. Each client is different as well as their goals are also. There are no cookie-cut strategies in our planning. We are passionate about the client reaching their goals. We are honest about the desired outcome of each client. We adapt to each client's unique situation. We are encouraging yet realistic, we are purposeful in reaching our client's goals, yet patient. We love what we do.


Can we provide our services online or remotely? 

Because online coaching is more acceptable since the advent of covid we have arranged most of our coaching to be done online. Some of our programs require face-to-face meetings sometimes while others do not. But for most services, the coaching can be 100% online. However, we are willing to do face-to-face as much as the client would like.


What changes have we made to keep our customers safe from Covid-19?

Covid is very much under control at this point. However, we realize that some are still very cautious about contracting the virus. We will do what is necessary to make our clients comfortable.